Going Deeper Than Words

Symbolic language is part of our everyday lives.  Have you ever heard someone say,

"I'm hitting my head against a wall," or "This is just the tip of the iceberg," or "I've hit a roadblock"?

We all have ways of describing our experiences that facilitate an imagistic language.  Author Barbara Ganin talks about this imagistic language as a  silent language that goes deeper than words.  

This language reveals the truth of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions more fluently than words.

This language is innate.  It's not a matter of whether you can do this, but how and under what circumstances you consciously perceive it symbolically and imagistically.

Yet, we each have our meaning-making systems.  The same image can evoke a variety of responses.  

In this workshop, you are invited to pay closer attention to your meaning-making system. Here you will explore the ways different kinds of imagery impact you.  

You are encouraged to tune into your felt sense by noticing how a particular image feels in your body. Is there tension, a flutter, or something else?

Work with the questions. Notice where you flow and where you resist.  

Experiment with altering the image. What would happen if you removed part of an image or changed a color?

Is there a life experience or memory that this image sparks?  

I hope you enjoy this exploration!

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About Terri Altschul

Terri Altschul


Terri is a Certified Professional Integral Coach and Executive Coach specializing in navigating change and transitions.  She brings over two decades of corporate experience in operations, talent and org development, and executive coaching.  One of her key strengths is bridging business acumen with a deep knowledge of organizational dynamics to provide insightful and actionable strategies for her clients. She has studied coaching at New Ventures West, the Gestalt Institute, and the Mindfulness Coaching School.  She holds a BBA in Organizational Psychology.  She is a Professional Certified Coach and an active International Coach Federation (ICF) member. For many years throughout her corporate career, Terri was puzzled by how people change and why they don't.  Wanting more for her clients - and herself - Terri began a process to take the best from all her education, professional experiences, and personal journey work to design a multi-dimensional program to create transformational results.

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